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Gourmet Vinegar, Fruit Vinegar

Gourmet Vinegar, Fruit Vinegar - Buy Now

Fruit Vinegars: 200ml
Fruit Vinegars: 200ml

Our peach trees and feijoa trees are home grown without sprays. We make the vinegars make by infusing the sun-ripened fruit with New Zealand-made white wine vinegar.
We pick the fruits when fully ripe.

The piquancy of the vinegars lifts the flavour of fruit salads, salsas and roasted vegetable salads. The tangy freshness of fruit vinegars enhances the flavour of sauces and dressings.

Fruit Vinegar

  • Toss over a green salad followed by a Northland olive oil for perfect simplicity. Drizzle over pan fried fish or add to fish parcels before cooking.

Peach vinegar

  • Combines well with tomatoes
  • Drizzle over fresh strawberries with brown sugar and mint.
  • Mix with olive oil, herbs, garlic and ginger and cook lightly with fish for a Spanish escabeche.
  • Soak currants in peach vinegar and scatter over medium rare roast beef, sea salt and garlic oil.
  • Toss over roasted vegetable salad

Feijoa vinegar

  • Works well with olive oil and garlic as a basting liquid over thick-fleshed fish, poultry and pork.
  • Combine vinegar with wholegrain mustard, parsley, garlic powder and fresh breadcrumbs and use as a crust to cover pork chops or pork tenderloin.
  • Drizzle over smoked salmon slices.
  • Use as a pickling syrup for carrots, courgettes, beans, baby leeks and chillis

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