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Product Storage

Ludbrook House Fine Foods Storage Advice

Preserves, jams and jellies, glace fruits and fruit syrups have no added preservative. For this reason it is essential once opened to refrigerate or store in a cool dark place.


Quince Paste, Fig Paste and Red Grape Jelly
These products should be stored in your pantry wrapped in foil.

Ludbrook House Fruit Cakes
Our fruit cakes have alcohol added during the cooking process. This means that the cakes will mature while developing flavour and can be kept for some months. To store cakes, place in a cake tin with a lid or wrap in foil and store in a cool dark place - or freeze.

Fruit Vinegar
Our vinegar should be kept out of direct sunlight.
Use daily after opening to benefit from this subtle and delicate addition to your culinary expertise.

Product Advice

Ludbrook House Fine Foods Product Use


Dessert figs, spicy figs, fig conserve and fig paste.
  • Serve with yogurt, marscapone, cr�me fraiche, ricotta, cream & icecream
  • As a condiment for meat and poultry meats.
  • Perfect with cheese - use on a cheese platter or part of an antipasto, sweet or savoury.
  • Chop and stir through vanilla icecream and serve with a ginger biscuit.
  • Use to form the base for fig/ginger/fruit steamed pudding.
  • Wonderful with chocolate.

Poached quinces
  • Serve with a honey sauce (Stephanie Alexander) whipped cream and a crisp dessert biscuit.
  • Add salt, pepper and butter to heated and chopped poached quince to make a sauce for pork dishes.
  • Pour a jar onto the roast pork in pan for the last 15 minutes of cooking time for a wonderful flavour boost.
  • Substitute for apples in pudding or cake recipes. � upside down cake & crumble.
  • Add to tagines or lamb casseroles for a Middle Eastern flavor.
Quince paste
  • Traditionally served with cheese
  • Melt gently, add chopped garlic and your herb choice to make a paste.
  • Rub over lamb or pork with olive oil, salt and pepper before cooking. (line dish with foil)
  • Stir into meat juices before making your gravy/sauce/jus.
Fruit Syrups
  • Use to make cool drinks with soda & ice.
  • Add to vanilla icecream or unflavoured yoghurt.
  • Add depth to fresh fruit salads.
  • Drizzle around creamy cold desserts.
  • Add flavour to cakes, puddings & desserts.
  • add depth to fish, shellfish chicken & meat dishes
  • Add to fruit smoothies.
  • Drizzle over plain yogurt fresh ricotta porridge or muesli.
  • Pour over crepes, pancakes, waffles and icecream.
  • Use as a garnish on dessert plates especially chocolate tart, chocolate mousse, panna cotta, cr�me brulee, parfait and pavlova.
  • Add depth and flavour to cocktails
  • Lime & Chilli Syrup is perfect with fish, shellfish (especially oysters) and chicken.
Jams and Jellies and Condiments

All the Jams and jellies are perfect for using on toast and scones. The jellies can be substituted for juice and sugar in cake recipes and when melted have many applications.

All condiments can be served with meats, salads and cheese to lift flavours and interest.

Lemon Jelly Tamarillo and Chilli Jelly Preserved Lemons Pickled Limes

Quince Jelly
  • Makes a great glaze for cakes and tarts. Place a � cup of quince jelly in a microwave proof bowl with a squeeze of lemon. Microwave on high until jelly boils, stir and cook again for further 10 seconds.
  • Use as for quince paste - a taste sensation when cooking lamb and pork.
  • Quince jelly and cheese scones!!
Orange and Lime Jelly
  • Melt and pour over orange or lemon cakes while warm
  • Mix with whipped cream and use to fill roulades and sponges.
Orange Confit
  • Spread into a cooked pie shell. Top with small meringue mixture and bake through.
  • Bake in the centre of a muffin.
  • Spread on your toast or crumpet.
  • Goes with goats cheese.
Lemon Jelly
  • Melt gently, add soy sauce and crushed garlic, rub over a chicken before roasting.
  • Melt and use as a dipping sauce for Asian style dishes
  • Melt and pour over a lemon cake for a great glaze
Capsicum and Chilli Jelly
  • Enhances the flavour of lamb, pork, beef or venison.
  • Great with cheese
  • Add to an antipasto platter.
  • Melt gently, add a grainy mustard, pinch sea salt, ground pepper and massage into pork or lamb. Wrap meat in tinfoil and roast. Pour off meat juices, add some stock and cream, bring to boil, serve over sliced meat.
Tamarillo and Chilli Jelly
  • Great with all meats especially venison.
  • Use as a condiment or add this distinctive flavour to meat sauces, jus or as a glaze.
  • Roll lamb rumps in oil, salt and pepper, seal in heavy duty pan, move into a hot oven and cook for desired time. Remove meat from pan and keep warm. Add Tamarillo and Chilli jelly to meat juices and melt. Stir in cream, bring to boil and serve over sliced rumps.
Preserved Lemons

Use only the skin of the pickled lemon to add zest to your recipe. If you prefer to lessen the salt taste rinse under water before using.
  • Finely slice or dice the pickled lemon skin and add to your favourite stir-fry.
  • Finely slice or dice and add to your favourite tossed salad or salsa.
  • Experiment by adding to pasta sauces.
  • Chop and add to mussel and tuatua fritters.
  • Add to braised courgettes or leeks during the last few minutes of cooking.
  • Add to stuffing mixture for chickens, lamb & fish. Slice finely and mix with herbs and garlic and slip under the skin of of chicken breasts or thighs.
  • Mix with chopped Italian parsley garlic and olive oil to make a gramolata.
  • Dice and add to couscous along with almonds, dates, raisinsand other ingredients for a great flavour of the Middle East.
  • Add to tagine or Middle Eastern lamb stews.
  • Slice finely and add to your favourite baked or steamed fish recipe.
Pickled Limes
Quince and Butter Cake
NB. We add turmeric to the preserving oil.
Turmeric is heralded as a health-giving food additive.
Use only the skin of the pickled lime.
  • Eat the lime skin on its own or pair with cheese or a fruity chutney
  • Fantastic with curries.
  • Use the lime infused oil for Indian/Asian recipes
  • Substitute in any recipe that may call for preserved lemon.
  • Finely slice or dice the pickled lime skin and add to your favourite stir fry.
  • Finely slice or dice and add to your favourite tossed salad or salsa
  • Experiment by adding to pasta sauces
  • Chop and add to mussel, oyster and tuatua fritters
  • Add to braised courgettes or leeks during the last few minutes of cooking
  • Add to stuffing mixture for chickens, lamb or fish or
  • Slice finely and mix with herbs and garlic then slip under the skin of chicken breasts or thighs.
  • Or mix with chopped Italian parsley garlic and olive oil to make a gramolata
  • Dice and add to couscous along with almonds, dates, raisins and other ingredients for a great flavour of the middle East
  • Slice finely and add to your favourite baked or steamed fish recipe.
  • Slice finely and add to green salad or grain salads and along with olive oil.
  • Slice finely and add to steamed green vegetables with melted butter.
Orange Pickle
Orange Pickle
Orange Pickle
  • Especially good with smoked meats.
  • Make chicken sandwiches with shredded chicken, orange pickle, mayonnaise and thinly sliced celery
  • Add to a raw vegetable platter.
  • Great with goats cheese
Spicy Plum Sauce
  • Stir a spoonful into casseroles.
  • Perfect for Asian style food.
  • Use instead of commercial tomato sauce.
  • Add to your Panini fillings.
Tamarillo Chutney
  • The NZ icon chutney for serving with cold meats.
  • Add to a panini filling before grilling.
  • Add to a casserole of venison or other game meats.
  • Fantastic with cheese.

Fruit Vinegars

Preserved Lemons
The piquancy of Ludbrook House Peach Vinegar and Ludbrook House Feijoa Vinegar lifts the flavor of fruit salads, salsas and and roasted vegetable salads
  • Toss over a green salad followed by a Northland olive oil for perfect simplicity.
  • Drizzle over pan fried fish or add to fish parcels before cooking.
Peach Vinegar
  • Combines well with tomatoes
  • Drizzle over fresh strawberries with brown sugar and mint.
  • Mix with olive oil, herbs, garlic and ginger and cook lightly with fish for a Spanish escabeche.
  • Soak currants in peach vinegar and scatter over medium rare roast beef, sea salt and garlic oil.
  • Drizzle over roasted vegetable salad
  • Use to make a vinaigrette with the cooking juices of beetroot with saffron.
Feijoa Vinegar
  • Works well with avocado oil and garlic as a basting liquid over thick fleshed fish, poultry and pork.
  • Combine with wholegrain mustard, parsley, garlic powder and fresh breadcrumbs to form a crust to cook over pork chops or tenderloin.
  • Drizzle over smoked salmon slices.
  • Use in a pickling syrup for carrots, courgettes, beans, Baby leeks and chillis.


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