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Jams and Jellies. Handmade at Ludbrook House.
Fig, Quince, Orange, Lemon, Limes, Capsicum, Tamarillo, Grape.

Ludbrook House Traditional Jams and Jellies - Buy Now

Ludbrook House gourmet jellies and jams are homemade from traditional recipes using fruits gathered locally in the Bay of Islands. Buy our jam & jelly online

Fig Conserve

Black mission figs used to make Ludbrook House Fig Conserve are grown in the Ludbrook House home orchard. Figs are combined with lemon and preserved ginger to make the delicious chunky fig conserve that is perfect with cheese or toast.

Buy our gourmet fig conserve online here.

Quince Jelly

Our homemade Ludbrook House Quince Jelly is made from sun ripened quince, lemon and sugar. Quince jelly makes a great glaze for cakes and tarts and as a condiment with meat.

Buy Ludbrook House Quince Jelly online here.

Grape Jellies

Grape Jellies artisan award

Red Grape Jelly

This addition to the Ludbrook House gourmet jelly range is made from red grape varieties handpicked in the Far North, blended with fresh herbs and spices, apples and lemons. Ludbrook House Grape Jelly is delicious with cheese and meats, melted to use as a glaze or as an instant dessert in a tart shell with whipped cream.

Buy Ludbrook House Grape Jelly online here.

Lime Marmalade

A delicate, not too sweet marmalade made from Ludbrook House home grown limes and kaffir limes.

Low in salicylic acid - suitable for special diets.

Buy Ludbrook House Lime Marmalade online here.

Orange and Lime Jelly

We make Ludbrook House Orange & Lime Jelly by combining the juice of oranges and limes with sugar and thin strips of peel. This delicious jelly is perfect when melted and poured over orange or lemon cakes while warm or spread onto morning toast. Yum!

Buy Ludbrook House Orange and Lime jelly online here.

Orange Confit

We love Ludbrook House Confit so much we put it in a 300ml jar. Chunks of navel oranges are soaked overnight then cooked with cardamom, sugar & brandy for a delicious citrus treat.

Buy Ludbrook House Orange Confit online here.

Kiwifruit Marmalade

Ludbrook House Kiwifruit Marmalade contains chunks of golden kiwifruit with orange and lemon juice, rinds and sugar. It definitely is good for you!

Buy Ludbrook House Kiwifruit Marmalade online here.

Lemon Jelly

Ludbrook House Lemon Jelly is made from handpicked Meyer lemons combined with sugar. This delicious homemade jelly can be melted gently, mixed with soy sauce and crushed garlic, then rubbed over a chicken before roasting.

Buy Ludbrook House Lemon Jelly online here.

Capsicum and Chilli Pepper Jelly

This sweet/savoury hot jelly is made with capsicums, chilli, vinegar, sugar and natural pectin. Ludbrook House Capsicum and Chilli Jelly is great with cheese and enhances the flavour of lamb, pork, beef or venison.

Buy Ludbrook House Capsicum and Chilli Pepper Jelly online here.

Tamarillo and Chilli Jelly

Ludbrook House Tamarillo & Chilli Jelly is made from tamarillos, chilli, lemons, sugar and natural pectin. This gourmet savoury and mildly hot jelly and is great with all meats especially venison or try spreading it on toast.

Buy Ludbrook House Tamarillo and Chilli Jelly online here.

Recipes and uses for our jellies can be found here.

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